Nationwide Inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage

The preservation and use of maritime boats in the bay of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania

Maritime boats called “Zeesboote” represent a specific type of former fishing boats. The tradition of these boats is kept alive by using them for traditional regattas and recreational sailing. Consequently, much effort is put into their preservation. Therefore, particular knowledge is needed: skills of wooden boat building, expertise with regard to the manufacture of sails, nautical handling of sailing ships and a broad understanding of the relationship between culture and nature.

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Crucial date: throughout the year
Inscription: 2018
Domains: traditional craftsmanship; knowledge and practice concerning nature and the universe; oral traditions and expressions; social customs and rituals;
Where to find: Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft


Interessengemeinschaft „Holzboote Bewahren und Segeln“
Dr. Helmut Risch

Not only the preservation of the former fishing boats, but also the use of these boats in traditional races, the so-called “Zeesboot-regattas”, as well as sailing with family, friends or guests contribute to the continuation of the tradition.

From June to September regattas take place in the Darß-Zingster Boddenkette on six Saturdays. On these days, specific nautical handling of the former fishing vessels is practiced, demonstrated and passed on. In addition, the traditional fishing method is demonstrated once a year; namely on the second weekend of September. Moreover, features of nautical language with its specific technical terms are taught. In this way, competences and knowledge are handed down in the guise of an intergenerational exchange.

Being a symbol of the region, Zeesboote have a strong identity-shaping impact on locals as well as on guests. Zeesboote are environmentally friendly and create a broader understanding of practices and knowledge concerning nature.


Wissen. Können. Weitergeben..
Deutsche UNESCO-Kommission, 2017

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